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Jan Christoph Meister is a professor of Modern German...

Topic of the ENN conference

Narratologists are increasingly faced with the situation that the concept of narrative varies...

Accommodation in Ghent: There are many possibilities for your stay in Ghent. The conference venue is located in the historic centre of this...

Programme and conference teaser!

ENN4 conference programme and schedule!

Please find the programme, the schedule and the abstracts (as yet unformatted) as attachments below.

FAQ for the ENN4 conference

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Conference rate at NH Hotel Ghent Belfort

We brokered a special conference rate with NH Hotel Ghent. This rate is valid for a limited amount of rooms (25 rooms) and only until February 20th. This hotel is even closer to the conference venue, it is situated right within the historical city centre next to the city hall and the belfry. The rate for a single room is 120 EURO. It comes with specific benefits: breakfast is included and special cancellation and payment options apply that you won't get when you book via the regular website. 

Please consider that the conference rate cannot be booked via the hotel website. Instead, you need to fill out the document in attachment and send it, not to ENN, but to the address mentioned in the document.

About the ENN conference

Topic of the ENN conference

Narratologists are increasingly faced with the situation that the concept of narrative varies widely across borders. This is a happy circumstance pointing to the widespread relevance and vitality of narratological concepts. At the same time, however, this situation means that any easy “lateral compatibility” of concepts such as “narrator,” “(un)reliability,” “focalization,” etc. across different media such as the printed book, film or the digital media, among others, can no longer be taken for granted. Carrying on with the debates that got underway at the 2013 Paris conference, ENN 4 will address these issues by exploring conceptual models and inputs from various disciplines and methodologies such as rhetoric and stylistics, but also more recent developments including the cognitive sciences, media studies, the digital humanities and many more. In doing so, the ENN aims to act as an on-going forum for discussing narrative theory across borders – conceptual, disciplinary, national, cultural, historical.

What is ENN?

The European Narratology Network (ENN) is an association of individual narratologists and narratological institutions. ENN aims to foster and facilitate research in narrative studies across the board by providing resources to the community and by organising a bi-annual conference. Our focus is predominantly, though not exclusively, European as regards:
• our object domain, which spans narrative representation inliterature, film, digital media, etc. across all European languages and cultures;
• our institutional affiliations: universities, research institutionsand interest groups based in one of the European countries.

The ENN Steering Committee:

  • John PIER (University of Tours and CRAL-CNRS Paris), Chairman
  • Gunther Martens (Ghent University)
  • Karin Kukkonen (Turku University)

Confirmed ENN4 keynote speakers:

Thomas Pavel (University of Chicago), Monika Fludernik (University of Freiburg), Elena Semino (Lancaster University), David Herman (Durham University)   

Registration for the Conference will open on November 15, 2014

Deadline for registration (visitors): April 7, 2015

Registration fee for participants: 165 € | PhD students: 85 €  | Visitors: 45  € /day 

In order to present at the conference, speakers  must be members of the ENN. To register as a member, please consult the ENN website – “How to join the ENN” http://www.narratology.net/join-ENN  

The official languages of the Conference are English, French and German.  

Inquiries concerning the conference can be sent to enn4@ugent.be

Main conference convenor: Prof. Gunther Martens (Ghent University). 

For more information, visit the conference website: http://www.enn4.ugent.be.  

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About ENN and the conference


The organisers acknowledge that the fourth conference of the European Narratology Network is sponsored by the following institutions and bodies:

Practical arrangements and provisional timetable

* The registration deadline has now been extended till Friday, January 9, 2015.

* Please note that it takes quite some time for payments, and especially payment by international bank transfer, to be processed by the university's central administration. Payments by bank transfer need to be checked manually by the rectorate and we only receive confirmations of these payments piece-meal. But your registration is OK as soon as you have concluded the registration routine at the website and your payment will be confirmed as soon as possible (in view of the previously mentioned processing time, this might be after the registration deadline.

* Hotels http://www.enn4.ugent.be/node/3

* Provisional Timetable See attachment

Registration now open / About the conference dinner

The registration page is now online: please head over to https://www.congres.ugent.be/enn4/


Just a word about the conference dinner on Friday evening (April 17). As many of you know, the previous ENN conference dinners set a high standard. Nevertheless, we will try to beat even a setting like "La Coupole" in Paris. We won't reveal the location as yet, but ENN 4's conference dinner will be in the middle of the historical city centre (and not far away from the Duke's castle that you see in this ad. This may look like a setting from "Game of Thrones", but it's all real. And while not exactly on top of the castle, this is a fairly accurate view of the "Ghentians" preparing the conference ...


So do not forget to tick the conference dinner if you want to be part of this!

Confirmation emails about to be sent out ...

The call for papers for the conference has been an overwhelming success. We are very grateful for the massive interest in ENN, the ENN conference and the doctoral pre-conference. Both are sure set to be a very special experience. We had to adapt our timing in view of processing the many abstracts, but will send out confirmations this week at the latest. Do not worry if you have not heard from us yet, many people need to be contacted and it is not technically feasible to do this in one go. Thank you in advance for your patience.


Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Liesbeth Korthals Altes (Universiteit Groningen)
  • Dr. Karin Kukkonen (Turku University)
  • Dr. Marius Hentea (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Prof. Roy Sommer (Wuppertal)
  • Prof. Ondrej Sladek (Masaryk University Czech Republic)
  • Prof. Barbara Bordelajo (KU Leuven)
  • Prof. Luc Herman (University of Antwerp)
  • Prof. Dirk De Geest (KU Leuven)
  • Prof. Bart Vervaeck (KU Leuven)
  • dr. Kris Rutten (PPW, Ghent University)
  • Prof. Inge Arteel (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)


Local Organizing Committee


  • Gunther Martens


  • Saartje Gobyn (German Literature, Ghent University)
  • Tobias Hermans (German Literature, Ghent University)
  • Prof. Koen De Temmerman (Greek and European Literature, Ghent University)
  • Prof. Bart Keunen (Comparative Literature, UGent)
  • Dr. Katrijn Maryns (Linguistics, UGent)
  • Prof. Lars Bernaerts (Dutch Literature, LW07)
  • Prof. Benjamin Biebuyck (German Literature)


ENN4 is organised under the auspices of Narratology@UGent, the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities, and the Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University. We acknowledge the financial support of the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO-Vlaanderen) and the Doctoral School Arts, Humanities and Law (Ghent University). 


About US

ENN4 is organised under the auspices of Narratology@UGent, the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities, and the Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University. We acknowledge the financial support of the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO-Vlaanderen) and of the Doctoral School Arts, Humanities and Law (Ghent University).