Pre-conference doctoral master class with Jan Christoph Meister (April 14/15 2015)

The doctoral master class is fully booked!

About Jan Christoph Meister

Jan Christoph Meister is a professor of Modern German Literature (Theory of Literature, Methodology of Textual Analysis and Literary Computing) at the University of Hamburg. In the period 1986-1995, he was Deputy Chairperson of Modern Languages at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg/South Africa. He taught at the University of Munich in 2006 before establishing the chair of Computational Humanities at Hamburg University.

Since 2013, Meister has been the Chair of the Executive Board of the EADH - European Association for Digital Humanities. He is a founding member of DHd - Digital Humanities in the German speaking region (2012 ff). He was the main convenor of the DH2012 conference at Hamburg University and the recipient of the 2010 Google Digital Humanities Award. He is a founding member of the ENN, European Narratology Network, and keynoted its biannual conference in 2013 (Paris). Jan Christoph Meister is a key figure in narratological discussions. He is the editor of the living handbook of narratology (LHN) and of Narratologia (de Gruyter book series). He developed the online learning environment NarrNetz for training purposes. Prof. Meister is an internationally renowned scholar. He is at the helm of the emerging field of computational studies in narrative. His research appeals to scholars of literary studies, but also of linguistics and history, and it partakes in debates in Digital Humanities. He is the recipient of the Google Digital Humanities Research Award.

Research Interests: Literary Computing, Cognitive Modelling, Narratology, Austrian Literature of the 20th century, Fantastic Literature.

Relevant publications

  • Jan Christoph Meister: Computing Action. A narratological approach. Berlin/New York 2003.
  • Silke Lahn, Jan Christoph Meister, Matthias Aumüller (eds.): Einführung in die Erzähltextanalyse. Silke Lahn, Jan Christoph Meister, Matthias Aumüller, co-authored with Benjamin Biebuyck, Anja Burghardt et al. Stuttgart Weimar: Metzler, 2008.
  • Time: From Concept to Narrative Construct: A Reader (eds. Jan Christoph Meister & Wilhelm Schernus (Narratologia; 2011)
  • CATMA/CLÉA is a general purpose markup and text analysis tool, available as a web-enabled, browser based application for collaborative annotation of texts and corpora. Development of CATMA is currently heading in the direction of automated analysis of narrative by inclusion of HeidelTIME and other plugins.



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